Why is a new Indian drug not getting any interest in the U.S.?

Indian pharmaceutical stocks are still struggling to find traction in the United States, as the country struggles with a resurgent opioid crisis and its biggest rival, United Kingdom-based Covid-19, continues to surge in the marketplace.

In India, Covid and generic versions of other drugs are now available over the counter, as India has emerged as a hub for the development of generic drugs and the introduction of cheaper generic versions.

The Indian market is also growing increasingly hospitable to generic medicines, with companies like GSK, Janssen and Sanofi now being able to sell their drugs over the counters in India.

But, as in many other parts of the world, it is difficult to find the same type of generic medicines in the West.

That’s the case with a new drug that was recently launched by India’s state-run Indian pharmaceutical company, R&D India, and is currently under development in the US.

The company’s flagship product, Vigyan, is a combination of the most potent opioid known to man, fentanyl, and a synthetic version of it called naloxone.

The Indian company says the drug’s efficacy is comparable to other new opioids like OxyContin and is now being tested in a trial in the Midwest, the company says.

But, while the drug has garnered the approval of the FDA for use in the treatment of severe pain, the pharmaceutical industry in the country has not seen much interest from the FDA in its potential to fight opioid addiction and overdoses, and many experts say that the drug is likely to face a tougher road to approval.

“There is no generic version of the fentanyl available in the market right now,” said R.K. Gupta, a researcher at the Centre for Health Economics at the Indian Institute of Science in Delhi.

Gupta said that while there is a lot of talk about the fentanyl-induced fentanyl syndrome (FIPS), the drug can actually have a very low toxicity and a very short course of action.

“If you give it to people, it works.

If you don’t, it doesn’t,” he added.

Gupta is not alone.

“I have seen more than 50 people in my field who are not familiar with the drug,” said Dr. Deepak Kapoor, a former chief medical officer of India’s National Drug Control Authority.

“Most of the drugs that are used to treat severe pain are expensive.

You need to be able to prescribe them, to be reimbursed for it, and then you can take a very long period of time to see any difference.

It doesn’t happen with the Vigyran.

If there is any clinical evidence of its efficacy, then the drug will be approved in the coming weeks.

But for now, it’s not a new product.”

Vigyrans efficacy has not been widely studied in humans.

The drug has been tested in mice, guinea pigs, rabbits and rats, but no humans have taken it.

The FDA approved the drug in March.

India is one of the few countries that have taken up the global drug industry’s push to develop new painkillers, with the government investing billions of dollars in the development and testing of new opioids, and other countries including the United Kingdom and Australia having invested in the industry.

Gupta says that the Indian government has been “very supportive of the drug.”

“India has taken the lead on developing the opioid field in the past decade, and they have put a lot more money into it,” Gupta said.

“They have invested heavily in the opioid market and are seeing the first signs of improvement in pain.”

In the past few years, the U,S.

and Europe have seen dramatic growth in opioid addiction, with overdose deaths and deaths from addiction rising in many countries.

The number of deaths related to opioid use in both the United Nations and World Health Organization data was nearly twice that of the United Arab Emirates, the world’s top consumer of the opioid.

Guidelines issued by the U., European Union and the U

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