The World’s First Biomass Fueled Biomatrix is Coming to the Market

A team of scientists from Georgia Tech and Georgia Power have built a system that uses renewable fuels to power an efficient biofuel generator that’s expected to be commercially viable within the next two years.

The team, led by Georgia Tech Professor Robert St. Clair, has developed the system to convert methane into fuel for industrial, commercial, and industrial-scale fuel-cell power generation.

The system, called the BioFuel Cell, uses the energy produced by biomass to produce hydrogen and oxygen gas.

This hydrogen can then be converted into electricity for use in batteries.

The system is expected to make the largest commercial fuel cell generator on the planet, and could be used in energy production or for fuel cell vehicles.

The BioFuelCell is made up of two large tanks and a third that holds the fuel.

When the tanks are full, the gas is pumped into the tank at high pressure.

Once the pressure drops, the fuel is drawn from the tanks.

When all of the fuel in the tanks is exhausted, the system stops, and the fuel can be recycled.

This is the first commercial system to use biomass fuel for power generation and is expected for commercial production in the next five years.

In a press release, Georgia Power CEO John Deere said that, “The first-ever commercial biofuel fuel cell powered by natural gas has been developed by Georgia Power.

The BioFuelBiosystem, built in Georgia Tech’s Biofuels Facility, will be a key component in developing the first commercially available biofuel vehicle that uses natural gas.”

According to Deere, the Bio FuelCell can generate an estimated 2,500 MW of electricity for a fuel cell vehicle and use the fuel as fuel for fuel cells or batteries.

When compared to traditional battery technology, the energy generated by the BioFlex system is 20 percent lower and 10 percent higher than batteries.

This means the BioFuels system is capable of storing more electricity than existing batteries and can produce more electricity with less energy.

The fuel cell system also means that the fuel cell is capable to produce more energy with less fuel.

While biofuel can be used for energy storage, it is typically used to produce electricity and for power sources such as power plants.

However, biofuels can also be used as a source of fuel for vehicles and industrial processes that produce fuel.

Biofuel is currently used for power production and for transportation.

The Georgia Power team has spent years working on a fuel-efficient system for commercial and industrial production.

This has required a series of changes to the original design, which had been made by other teams at Georgia Tech.

According to Georgia Power, this new system is an incremental evolution of the original concept, and is a key step toward commercializing the technology.

The new system has a unique architecture.

The tanks are separated by a membrane and are connected to a grid of batteries.

This is the way the system can be powered by solar and wind.

The membrane can also capture heat from the atmosphere to help cool the fuel cells.

Georgia Power says the system has the capacity to produce over 10 megawatts of electricity, with a theoretical capacity of 25 megawatts.

The biofuel system is designed to be scalable and adaptable.

For commercial applications, the team says the fuel-based system can also power vehicles that produce electricity for industrial purposes.

This article originally appeared on National Geographic.

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