The Intercept: The Intercept has been given access to a secret government document obtained by The Intercept that details the extent of surveillance of journalists.

The Intercept, a nonprofit news site founded in 2004 by former Washington Post reporter Glenn Greenwald, obtained a secret copy of the 2013 National Security Agency document leaked by Edward Snowden.

According to the document, the NSA was conducting mass surveillance of American journalists in a bid to identify sources of information.

Greenwald and a colleague, Laura Poitras, published the document on The Intercept in a series of articles on Monday.

The Intercept’s source has not been identified, and the publication did not provide any further details about the document.

The document describes how the NSA operates its “collection operations,” the agency’s internal jargon for gathering data about an individual’s communications, without their knowledge.

Its purpose is to gain information about potential sources of “foreign intelligence information,” which includes information on the sources of a journalist’s sources, as well as the individuals they correspond with.

The documents’ release marks a new phase in a story that has featured Greenwald as one of the government’s most important investigative journalists.

The NSA document, titled “Information Operations Overview,” details the agency and the NSA’s use of its PRISM program, which collects records of Internet and phone records for overseas targets.

According the document: PRISM has been designed to collect information about foreign intelligence and counterintelligence information that is acquired by NSA through a variety of means.

NSA’s PRISM system collects all data that it has gathered from foreign targets in the United States and provides this information to foreign intelligence authorities in the field.

The program collects this information and uses it to target foreign targets who are in the US, in the same way as they would target a US person abroad.

It does not target US persons in the country.

The purpose of PRISM is to collect data that the NSA wants to use to conduct foreign intelligence collection and counter-intelligence activities.

The data collected includes the names of all individuals who have used social media or online forums in the last 12 months and the content of messages sent and received by them.

PRISM also collects metadata on communication between foreign targets and US persons.

This information is used to determine if foreign intelligence targets have engaged in terrorism, or whether they have used or discussed the use of weapons of mass destruction, according to the NSA document.

However, the PRISM database also collects “non-US information about US persons,” the document states.

This is not to be confused with the type of information that the PRISMA program collects.

“This collection is different from other data collection that occurs with the collection of foreign intelligence,” the NSA wrote in the document outlining the PRISA program.

PRISM, the document explained, was used to gather information about “foreign targets in other countries.”

The NSA did not say how much information the NSA collected on American journalists.

In the past, the agency has publicly acknowledged the existence of the PRISC program.

In 2013, Snowden, a former NSA contractor, disclosed that the agency had collected metadata on hundreds of millions of American phone calls.

The revelations prompted a backlash from the media and congressional leaders who called for greater transparency.

The Snowden documents are the latest in a string of disclosures about the NSA that have come out over the past year.

A new batch of documents leaked by former NSA employees last week detailed the extent to which the agency uses a massive data collection program known as Prism, which records communications in bulk and collects vast amounts of information about the communications of millions.

The New York Times reported in January that the program collects data on “almost every person in the world, including the content and location of all communications,” as well information about whom the target is talking to, what time it is, the content or the language of emails, text messages, phone calls, instant messages, or voice and video calls.

PRISC, according the document the NSA has described it as, “is designed to track, analyze, and collect the contents of all data from foreign communications,” which the NSA calls foreign intelligence information.

The PRISM and PRISM-related documents are not the only documents the NSA is publishing about its surveillance program.

According a new batch, published on Sunday by The Hill, the government is also publishing information on a separate program called “Project Zero,” which is a codename for the collection and analysis of all emails and text messages sent or received by people who have not been under investigation by the Justice Department.

The existence of this program was not disclosed in the documents, but it is described in a January 2013 intelligence assessment of the program as a “highly sophisticated surveillance system designed to gather and analyze foreign intelligence.”

It is described as “designed to collect, analyze and disseminate data on the content, content of, and communications of individuals abroad, which includes U.S. persons and their associates and other persons in foreign countries.”

According to The Hill’s report, Project Zero collects “a large amount of U

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