The Drug Companies Want To Make You An Agent of Profit

AUSTIN, Texas — (BUSINESS WIRE)–The pharmaceutical industry wants you to become an agent of profit.

In a new op-ed article by former FDA Commissioner David Kessler, he lays out the pharmaceutical industry’s case against Congress, President Barack Obama and the rest of the U.S. Congress to enact the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Drug Control Act of 2018.

“We want you to know the drug companies’ case for a tax-payer-funded drug control scheme is that the FDA is not doing enough to keep them out of our country, and we need to do more,” Kessler wrote in the op-eddies piece, which is scheduled to be published on Monday.

The FDA is “a political pawn in a global drug war,” he wrote.

“We have seen firsthand that the industry, and Congress, do not care about the health of Americans or the well-being of the American people.

The FDA is a political pawn.

The drug industry knows it, the White House knows it and the Congress knows it.

The reason is simple: it has a powerful lobby.”

The FDA, Kessler wrote, “is an industry-created and controlled system designed to keep the drug industry from competing with the private market.”

The op-eds piece also argues that Congress should stop the FDA from negotiating the price of new medicines with drugmakers and should instead pass legislation to prohibit the FDA and its members from negotiating drug prices with the drug manufacturers.

“Congress has a moral responsibility to hold the drugmakers to account for their behavior,” Kessler said.

“Congress should stop these negotiations before they take place.”

Congress needs to pass the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), the legislation that would provide the FDA with a permanent and permanent budget of $2.8 trillion over the next decade, he wrote, which would allow the FDA to negotiate with drug companies on the prices of drugs.

“The drug industry does not want to negotiate for a higher price for a drug because it knows it will be used as leverage by the FDA, which has become the government’s weapon of choice in the fight against the drug makers,” Kessler added.

“The drug companies have always been willing to sacrifice profits to get a deal and that has been a strategy that has not changed.

We need to end that.”

He said Congress should not allow the drug and device manufacturers to negotiate lower prices for drugs, arguing that this would lead to fewer choices for consumers.

“There is no doubt that the pharmaceutical companies want to increase prices, but the way to do that is through a drug approval process,” Kessler concluded.

“They have not succeeded in that, but we have.”

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