How to identify a ‘fake’ CVS pharmacy

Posted October 15, 2018 08:21:00 By now, you’ve probably seen this viral video of an elderly couple walking into a CVS Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia.

The video shows the couple, who have been seen at the store since the beginning of the year, asking a pharmacist to provide their prescription.

While the pharmacist gives them the correct prescription, the couple walks out with a $150 bill.

It turns out that the pharmacy does have an on-site pharmacy, but CVS did not send out a call for them to make an appointment, and instead provided them with a phone number for a pharmacy worker.

The video has been viewed more than 1.2 million times, and many people have shared their experiences with the pharmacy.

CVS Pharmacies in the United States are required to contact customers who request a prescription, which requires them to provide a unique ID number, date of birth, and Social Security number.

The company also requires customers to present a copy of their driver’s license or passport, along with their Social Security card number, when asked for a prescription.

However, some CVS pharmacists have not been following the law.

“I can’t imagine any of these pharmacist’s actually making a mistake,” said Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. President of Marketing and Operations, Andrew DeMarco.

“We don’t even have a list of what the correct ID is for this particular pharmacy.

We have a database of what’s needed and what’s not.

We know exactly who we have to contact.”

DeMarco added that CVS is working with the Pharmacy Operators Association of Georgia to ensure that its pharmacists comply with the law, as well as ensuring that its workers are trained in the use of the ID system.

The Pharmacy Association of the United State states that the Pharmacists Act of 1970, which governs pharmacy employees, states that employees must “provide a current, current and accurate Social Security Card Number and a current photo ID” when requested for a “non-emergency, non-business purpose.”

However, in an email to Fox News, a spokesperson for CVS stated that the company does not require pharmacists to provide Social Security numbers or photo IDs when filling a prescription at its pharmacy.

“We do not require Pharmacists to provide these services to anyone, except for medical appointments and in-person appointments with patients who are receiving care at our facility,” the spokesperson stated.

“The pharmacy employee is responsible for ensuring that their pharmacy is providing the proper information to their patients.”

According to DeMarco, pharmacists who do not comply with these requirements are subject to fines ranging from $1,000 to $2,000.

However, he said that CNS Pharmaceuticals, which is based in Columbus, Georgia, does not have any problem with pharmacist not providing the correct information.

“It’s not something that CDS is really worried about, but it’s something that we have an issue with, so we want to make sure we educate our pharmacists and make sure that they’re following all of these rules,” DeMarco said.

“This is just another step to make our pharmacy more efficient.”

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