How to avoid the flu and other viral diseases in Canada

By: Scott MacDonald Posted on October 28, 2018 12:03:31How to avoid other viral and other infections in Canada?

You may have heard that you can get the flu or another flu virus from the flu vaccine, even though you’re allergic to the flu virus.

But the reality is that the flu can be spread by contact with infected animals.

There are several ways to prevent flu spread in Canada:1.

Always wash your hands before touching surfaces contaminated with virus-infected materials.

This includes clothing, bedding, and other surfaces.2.

Wear gloves when you handle and handle surfaces contaminated.3.

Always use disinfectant on surfaces that contain virus-infested material.


Never put any type of food or drink in your mouth while you’re infected with the flu.


Use a non-allergenic mask for hand hygiene.


Never open an aerosol can or container containing food or liquid.


Always wear gloves when using the bathroom or eating or drinking.


Never eat with an open mouth.


Always clean the utensils, utensil handles, and surfaces in your kitchen.


Never use a vacuum cleaner.


Never touch an open wound with a toothbrush.


Never carry or use a syringe or other injection equipment.


Never swallow an aerosolated fluid, like a shot.


Never wash your hair or scalp in the shower.


Never wear a face mask during an outbreak.


Never take a bath with the help of a hot water source or showering.


Never have an aerosolate in your eyes, nose, mouth, or throat.


Never drink water with an infected or under-treated person.


Never buy a medicine from a pharmacy or buy prescription drugs from a store that sells flu shots.


Never donate blood or tissue to an infected person.


Never give blood or tissues to someone who has an infected condition.


Never share a hotel room with an under-vaccinated person.23.

Never leave an infected room with anyone under the age of 18.


Never go into an enclosed area without the aid of a person who is under the vaccine or other virus-specific precautions.

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