How the Big Three Drug Companies are taking a beating

NEW YORK — Big pharma is taking a hit, with a number of drugmakers slashing profits.

That’s according to the top executives of major pharmaceutical companies who are speaking out in an effort to keep the industry afloat amid a downturn in demand.

The big three pharmaceuticals have been hit hard by the slump in demand for their drugs.

And the drop in the cost of drugs for people over age 65, which has been a boon for their bottom lines, has had a ripple effect for the rest of the industry, too.

At the same time, the pharmaceutical companies have been trying to hold down prices to keep their margins high.

That’s led to lower prices for generic drugs, which are generally cheaper.

And there has been less competition for these cheaper drugs in the market, which means companies like the big three have been squeezed.

So, as the market is turning, the big pharmaceutical companies are cutting back on some of the profit margins that have kept them afloat.

For example, Johnson & Johnson’s earnings fell by almost 40% last year, to $1.03 a share from $1,083 a year earlier.

And some companies have cut back on the number of drugs they can offer for the people who are buying their drugs from them.

That has also reduced demand.

In the year to June, generic drug sales in the United States were down by nearly 25% from a year ago, to more than 7.7 billion doses, according to an estimate by the American Academy of Actuaries.

Meanwhile, Pfizer, the maker of Daraprim, said it cut prices in the first half of the year, down from $13.97 a pill to $10.99.

It said that its average annual revenue for the period was down $4.9 billion, or 15%.

The company has not said how much the price cuts have reduced profit margins.

And as the economy improves, that’s going to encourage more people to seek the drugs that the big pharma companies are making available for cheaper.

So what does all this mean for the industry?

Well, if the government’s goal is to keep drug prices low and keep people out of hospitals, it’s going do that by keeping the cost low.

That is, keeping prices low for people in nursing homes and hospices, which can often be expensive.

And if that’s the goal, then the government can use its price control power to lower the prices for the drugmakers.

But there is a more subtle way to keep prices low.

And that is by keeping prices lower for patients who need the drugs, like seniors and the poor.

The average cost for a generic version of Darabeprim for a 65-year-old who needs it is $5,000 a year.

The price for a $10,000 generic version is $4,200.

The cost for an $80,000 brand new version is around $6,200, according an estimate from Avalere Health.

So the idea is to try to keep those prices low to give those people the drugs they need, and make sure that the price of the generic version for seniors and people in hospices is lower.

The other way the government could try to do that is to get companies to make sure their drugs are available at prices that are reasonable to the elderly, the poor and the sick.

And those are the price controls that the U.S. has put in place.

That means they will make sure there is no competition.

And that’s what’s happening right now.

The U.N. agency has issued a warning to the Big 3 that it could take away some of their profits if it does not make some of its price controls effective by June.

So far, the Big three companies haven’t taken the warning seriously.

But that could change.

The new U.K. government is working to get the Big3 to give it a chance.

And it has just approved an amendment that could lower the price that the BigThree can charge seniors and those with disabilities to buy generic versions of their drugs at $5 a pill.

And so, we think that the time is right to do something to lower those prices for people with serious illnesses, including those in nursing home and hospice facilities.

We also think that this is a good time to go forward with an amendment to make it easier for the government to raise the prices of generic versions for seniors.

And if that doesn’t work, then maybe there are ways to try and make the price lower for people who need drugs, especially those who are elderly.

So, that could be a possible way for the U,S.

to try something.

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