Gwyneth Paltrow to receive $500K from Pfizer in ‘Paid For’ Bonus

The actress and producer is expected to receive a $500,000 payment to her Gwynet Paltroons stock, her spokeswoman confirmed to the Times.

The payments will be made through the end of the month, she said.

The deal is a major boost for Pfizer, which is battling a surge in the price of its blockbuster cancer drug, Humira.

The pharmaceutical giant is also in talks with major Hollywood stars to sign them up for new contracts, as it seeks to shore up its image amid a rising share price.

Paltrols CEO and founder Dr. David Zuckerman said the deal is part of a larger strategy to increase the company’s stock value and bolster the bottom line.

“This is a big deal for Pfizers stock and this is a very big deal,” Zuckermans spokesman Chris Tompkins said.

Pritchett, who also starred in the TV show “Glee,” is currently in a three-way tie for the lead role in the biopic “The Good Wife.”

The film, which will be released in September, is expected have a wide release.

It is the second movie deal for Pritchelts star, after the 2009 biopic of President Bill Clinton.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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