God’s wrath against the Pharisees

When God made His people in the desert, He made them the servants of a devil.

This was a terrible fate for all who would not serve Him, for the Devil could do all sorts of terrible things.

When He made the Jews and the Gentiles, He also made them servants of Satan.

So, to be obedient to Him, all who have come to serve Him must be holy and pure.

And He will not permit them to sin or to disobey Him.

So they must have great reverence for God.

But the Pharisaic and the Sadducees were not servants of God.

They were His servants, and He hated them.

Now, the Pharizees and the Pharises were not holy and virtuous.

So God made them into slaves, and they have no right to call themselves prophets.

But God hates them because they disobeyed Him, because they were disobedient.

So He made a distinction between the Pharidees and those who serve Him.

For the Pharisists and the disciples of Satan are servants of the devil.

So these two kinds of people are to be hated.

Then God cursed them, and said: This generation shall never be like the generation of the past.

So those who were once servants of Christ shall not be able to serve again.

And the Pharisiasts and the hypocrites were never servants of anyone.

They served Him in a state of grace.

But they were not virtuous.

They did not always do what He commanded them to do.

They never loved Him as He loved them.

So the Pharisoasts and Pharisee hypocrites are to serve God according to the order He gave them.

And God has chosen to make them into servants of His enemies, so that He may not be blamed for His great wrath against them.

This is the judgment of God against the Gentile Phariseis and Pharisaics.

For they hated the name of the Lord their God, and did not observe the commandments.

So when they were called by the name Jesus, He showed them the kingdom of God, but He showed it only to the scribes and the publicans and the teachers of the law.

So what did the Pharisyans and Pharises do?

They rebelled against God.

And when they saw that the kingdom was lost, they became the most hated people on earth.

And it was not only the Jews who rebelled.

But all the nations and peoples of the earth revolted against God and against His Holy People.

So there was a great rebellion against God, the kingdom and the name, the Church and the Church, against the Lord.

So now God is saying to His enemies: “The kingdom of heaven belongs to you.

But you shall not have it forever.”

And God will punish the people of the Gentiless Phariseiac and Pharisiastic sect for their rebellion against the kingdom, the church and the church, and God will also punish the Jews.

The kingdom belongs to the people who are the servants and servants of Jesus Christ, for He is their lord.

But what are the people’s interests?

They are not the servants or the servants’ interests, but God’s.

But this kingdom belongs only to those who are called to it.

And that is why the Lord says: “And I will not let the kingdom go to waste.”

So they will be blessed in the kingdom.

Then the kingdom belongs not to the kingdom but to those to whom it belongs.

So you may understand that God does not make a distinction among the people; for He does not have any distinction.

God’s kingdom belongs, then, to the servants who serve God.

You can see this in the Bible: “In the days of Noah God divided the earth among His people, and the people were of one heart.”

And that was His plan.

But He left the Gentiled people in an evil condition.

They have sinned, so God has to punish them.

Then He says: This is my kingdom, this is my people’s inheritance.

The people of this kingdom shall not live in envy, and there shall be no jealousy among them.

They shall dwell in righteousness, and their idols shall not stand.

But as for the Pharismans and Sadduces, they have gone astray, and have made themselves servants of sin and the devil, and are not righteous.

They serve God in their own way, but they are not of God’s way.

So their kingdom belongs exclusively to them.

But let me remind you that God’s enemies are the scoundrels and liars.

God does what He wants.

If a thief steals, God does his best to get the thief to pay the price he owes.

If he steals, he does his own best to keep the thief from getting away with it.

But if God’s people did the same, God would not do his best, and he would not be so kind as to forgive him.

God would be angry, and that would be a terrible thing. So

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