A new drug for endo is ready for the market

The world’s first endo drug, dubbed Endo for the short time that it lasts, is ready to be licensed.

The drug’s developers say it has the potential to save lives, and has been given the green light by the Food and Drug Administration.

As reported by Reuters, the FDA has approved the drug to treat endo. 

The drug’s makers, Aetna, and Medtronic, have been testing it for the past few months and are ready to make it available in the US market.

The FDA has not announced a date for when the drug will be available. 

The drug is named Endo because it has been created from a molecule of the endo protein, which has been a target of the drug’s development.

Endo’s makers hope that by combining the protein with the antibodies found in endosomes, they can use them to detect the immune cells of the brain.

The proteins in the endosome can then be used to target and destroy the disease-causing virus. 

The drug has been tested in patients with a number of diseases, including cancer, and is already being used in people with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease.

In its first trial, in January, the researchers tested the drug in people in Germany who had suffered from Alzheimer’s, a form of dementia that has been linked to inflammation in the brain, and in people who have experienced strokes.

The patients also reported that the drug improved their symptoms of fatigue and memory loss.

“The results were remarkable,” said Martin Wiesinger, one of the researchers on the study.

“The drug is being tested in a population that is more resistant to endosomal inhibitors than most other populations in Europe.” 

The results have been positive, and the researchers are hopeful that it will be able to be used in patients who have had no treatment options for decades.

Endo, which is currently being developed in Germany, was initially developed to treat people who suffer from multiple sclerosis.

In February, the drug was approved for the treatment of Parkinson’s. 

Source: Reuters

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